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7.8.2011 – U.S.A. Paratriathlon National Champion – Beth Price

On Sunday, August 7th, Beth Price from Spanish Fort, Alabama won the National Paratriathlon Championship held at the NYC Nautica 5150 race. Here's what she had to say about the race:

"It started raining the night before the race and continued throughout the morning. Even the thought of swimming in the Hudson River makes me anxious. We swim with the current which makes the swim very fast but it was also very choppy. I took in a few mouthfuls of water before settling into a rhythm I felt comfortable with. I focused on form, making it from buoy to buoy and prayed I wouldn't get E. coli from the water I'd ingested. Two people drowned during the swim so that gives you an idea of how rough the water was. 
The bike course took us up the Henry Hudson Highway. Part of the roads have recently been paved which helped but with them being wet, I was very cautious about really flying down the hills. I felt strong during the bike, I regularly checked that my cadence was in the 80-90 rpm range. I'm much less fatigued since learning to ride smarter, not harder. 
After transitioning from the bike to the run, you immediately have to start with a steep hill on to 72nd St. My calves were cramping so I walked until it stopped. Coming on to 72nd St., thousands of people are there to cheer you on. The sun had come out so it was getting hot. I focused on form, quick steps and relaxed upper body. After 6.2 long miles, the finish was in sight! I'm the Paratriathlon National Champion TRI3 Category for 2011!"


Congratulations, Beth! She will be competing in the World Championship in Beijing on September 9th. To learn more about Beth, go here.


Beth is coached by our coach Erica Hemmy.