Trainingswochenende Pfingsten

Training Weekend on the Challenge Roth Course

 With 6x Ironman Winner and 1998 Roth Champion

Dates: 25-28 May 2012

Hotel zur Post in Hilpoltstein (Centrally located on the Challenge Course)


We will train for 3 days on the Challeng Roth course. This camp is ideal for beginners, but seasoned athletes will also find this camp to be beneficial. We will do a lot of training and also have lectures on nutrition, tapering and mental preparation which are so crucial during the last few weeks before a race. One training session will focus specifically on important stability, stretching and muscle relaxation techniques. There will also be a bike maintenance seminar with focus on repairs during a race and general maintenance.


1. Daily bike training in groups according to ability on the Roth course

2. Run Training in groups

3. Open water swim im Roth Lake (we will be able to show you the competition start and finish areas, but are no longer permitted to swim in the canal outside of the competition)

4. You will learn in a lecture the importance of training and tapering for the race.

5. You will learn from our expert proper nutrition as an athlete, as well as hear from Katja about her diet for over 20 long distance competitions. They will provide you with recommendations for your race day nutrition.

6. We will talk about race tactics, mental training and how to cope with problems that may arise on race day.

7. We offer a technical class which teaches you how to fix minor bike issues that may occur on race day.

8. All this in a perfectly relaxed atmosphere at the "Hotel Zur Post" Guest House located on the bike course and only 3km from the race start location and the run course. You will have your choice of four dishes for dinner each night as well as a salad. The owners will be happy to accommodate any special needs as well.

9. At the end of the Traning Weekend, we will provide you with a training plan for Challenge Roth (not individualized).